Radio Communications Solutions and Services:

Sabber Systems applications/Services/solutions include "Not limited to":

  • Standards
    Project 25 Radios.
  • Devices
    LTE User Devices
    Consumer Two-way Radios
    Two-Way Radios - Licensed
    Unlicensed Two-way Radios
    Digital Portable Radios
    Analog Portable Radios
    Mobile vehicle radios​

  • Perimeter air & marine security
  • Shoreline protection
  • Airport security;
  • VIP security;
  • Services
    Integration Services.
    LTE Broadband Systems.
    Project 25 (P25) Systems.
    SCADA Systems.
  • Command Center Software
    Emergency Call Handling
    Command & Control
    Records & Evidence
    Broadband Push-To-Talk

Signal Jamming - Bomb Jamming

Very high power jamming systems Vehicular Jamming system, Multi band Jamming system ( Portable multi band cellphone jammer, Portable VHF/UHF Portable Jammer) Indoor and Outdoor Jammers ( Cellphone Jammers, GPS Jammers, Wireless camera Jammers ),
Cell phone & Wireless camera detector for the protection of troop transportation, Military and Police checkpoints, large Governmental establishments, Bomb Disposal Squads and VIP convoys

Wireless Sensor Network

Wearable sensor devices could even become an integrated part of daily lives. Researchers have been recently turning their attention to application WSN in robotics as mobile robots can act as gateways into wireless sensor networks. USC Centre for Robotics and Embedded Systems is in the idea to promote research in large-scale sensor network where robots participate. Intel is also conducting research in this area. Thus, the plausible ways utilizing wireless sensor motes and networks has been extended over a vast area of human activity. Moreover the mobility of this type of networks adds another dimension of Information. With the upcoming advanced computing strategies, artificial intelligence WSN networks is sure to uplift its speed and efficiency and with the advancements in nanotechnology, motes would be manufactured even as tiny as a nanobe. It is doubtless that WSN applications have led to convenience but it is our duty to ensure that it would not lead to laziness.

Secure Communication

Sabber Systems providing, develops, produces and delivers secure communications equipment for the KSA Government, Ministries of Defense, and Aerospace and Defense industries.  We have been working with some vendors who are they have over 45 years of experience in supporting and securing the Warfighter, both at home and abroad.    

  • Mobile Clinic.

  • Mobile Surgery.

  • Military Scenes Broadcasting.

  • Mobile Command Centers.

  • Festivals Broadcasting and Coverage.

Out Door Broadcasting Vehicles (OBV)

Sabber Systems company present one of the leader manufactures in the domain of outside broadcasting, which has uses for:

  • Sports events                             

  • Music concerts

  • News and current affairs

  • Entertainment shows

  • Studio productions

  • Law enforcement

  • Reality TV shows.


  • Forensic Lab.

  • Evidence Lab.

  • Crime Lab.


  • Biometric Recognition

  • Fraud Forensic.

  • ​Mobile Forensic.

  • Digital Forensic.​

  • ​Hardware Forensic.​

      Forensics Science 

  • Video Forensic.

  • Cyber Security.

  • Audio Forensic.

  • Thermal Imaging.

  • Surveillance System.

Data Centers - Cloud Computing - Underground Data Centers:

  • Building Data Center & Implement Underground Data  Centers.

  • Consultations.

  • Design & Development 

Command Centers

Command, Control and Communication are the essential factors in harvesting order out of chaos.   The operations disciplines and information systems that support the core functions of a modern Command Center have grown more complex.

Security Camera

Surveillance cameras are a great way to provide security for your home, workplace, or events scenes. As well as providing you with video footage of any events, which may happen, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.





Airport Monitoring and Security

  • Air traffic programs.

  • Runway Monitoring.

  • Command and Control Center (3C).

  • Intelligent Video Radar.


  • Dual-Polarimetric Radar.



  • Port security;
  • Waterside security, including river, canal, and dam security;
  • Wide area surveillance, including Border security;
  • Large plant security;
  • Waterside terminal security;
  • Nuclear and power generation plant security;
  • Shipboard navigation;
  • Island security;
  • Power plant security;


Police officers focused on community policing have called the Segway Patroller an invaluable tool. Officers who ride Patrollers agree that the most significant advantages to riding them are that they are:

  • Visible and help project a stronger police presence
  • Able to efficiently patrol larger areas 3x faster than on foot and with less fatigue
  • Capable of traveling indoors, outdoors and over varied and uneven terrain
  • Empowered to easily facilitate positive interaction with the communities they serve
  • Able to proactively gather intelligence from citizens and ultimately prevent crime.

Law Enforcement "Clothes and Equipment" 

ISO-certified production facilities and close collaboration with end users guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and are highly functional. Constant research and development and the intense cooperation with accredited test laboratories help to fine tune our products for the benefit of our customers.Your safety is our concern. Put your trust in the quality of our famous brands and proven products.


Sabber Systems applications include:

  • Airspace monitoring & surveillance
  • Aircraft detection & tracking
  • Marine and coastal surveillance
  • Airspace sense-and-avoid
  • Border intrusion detection
  • Ultralight & UAS interdiction
  • Obstruction lighting activation
  • Perimeter air & marine security
  • Shoreline protection
  • Airport security;
  • VIP security;

Surveillance Vehicles

Sabber Systems offer a selection of mobile Radar, X-Scanner, video cameras, DVRs, monitors, GPS tracking devices and accessories, suitable for a range of in-car security and surveillance applications, from managing safety to improving vehicle performance. The benefits of installing a mobile surveillance system include reducing unauthorized use of vehicles by capturing unapproved use of your vehicles during non-work hours; controlling fuel costs by eliminating unapproved or extended journeys; and increasing vehicle safety and security. Our on-board surveillance camera systems let you enjoy the security of knowing that your vehicles are always monitored.

  • Listening.

  • Preventing.

  • Discovering.

All in One Biometric Access Solutions

1- Touchless Fingerprint.

2- Face Recognition.

3- Palm Vein recognition.

4- Iris Recognition


Sabber Systems can provide more than just a VSAT system – we can provide a full range of application solutions that add value to your VSAT system. With a vast systems integration capability.

Security Equipment Scanning- Inspection

Sabber Systems providing, develops, produces and delivers security equipment for the KSA Government, Ministries of Defense, and Aerospace and Defense industries. These Security equipment do:

  • Scanning. 

  • Inspection.

  • Protecting.