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We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of Security defense solutions, so you’ll always choose us for homeland defense and security in Saudi Arabia. 


   Sabber Systems company took the Covenant itself to continue searching and exploration  for a creative advanced security solutions and then transfer this knowledge, developed and harnessed to serve the nation, Consequently Sabber Systems with company will be optimal security gate to get the latest advanced security solutions.Sabber Systems will undertake to provide all modern security research for its important clients, Sabbre Systems will play a two operations simultaneous transport and cognitive development and ownership of knowledge.



Sabber Systems is aiming to prevent any threats that may be toward to:

  • People, civilians.
  • VIP’s people, VIP’s convoys, Law forces, Guards Staff, Security.
  • forces.Buildings, Commissions, Organizations, Militaries areas, Country border,    Prohibited areas. 

Recently the threats and risks have varied forms and types due to scientific and technological progress, which reached him human. For that, Sabber Systems established to activate the role of advanced technologies that integrate solutions to enhance our traditional security services. We as Sabber Systems enforce the advanced and unique technologies to be our lifeguard from any unexpected threat that can eliminated by reducing the Human intervention and imposing a robust advanced and embedded creative technologies.​

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We’re committed to serve you with quality and value.

Our engineers are highly skilled and have years of experience in their field, and they aware about client needs, aspirations and expectations. Our team is consisting from expert and professional who are they complement each other. Sabber Systems understand the massive need for recent academic research in their filed of work, so we are cooperating with a selective professors to achieve our client future vision.