• Embedded devices that can produce dangerous Rays, like nuclear, etc.
  • Poisoned/intoxicated letters, package, food, and liquid that can effected in people life.
  • Hidden Wireless bombs (Booby-trapped).
  • Hidden/Embedded Biological poisons.
  • Illegal invaders or illegal hidden goods, like drugs.
  • Spy bugs, or undercover devices, like camera or headphones.
  • ​Toxic gases.
  • Germ warfare.
  • Radiation bombs.
  • Direct killing.
  • Trapping hostages.
  • Attacking the official processions and important places.
  • Information warfare from information theft or destruction of important information.
  • Blackmail, espionage. Attacking the limits of land, sea and air state.
  • Attack the security men with non-conventional weapons.
  • Communications jamming or eavesdropping.

            Sabber systems works from concept that the security is an integrated system. Threats can be direct or indirect like killing by shot or by dangerous rays, for that Sabber Systems providing total comprehensive protection for homeland security in Saudi Arabia starting from country borders to civilian security solutions inside our country. Sabber Systems always keep predicting and looking for any security or threat gap and provide a proactive solutions, and make sure the client has right equipment, devices, vehicles, and tools that prevent the threats from having chances of emersion. Sabber Systems always provide security defense solutions and give a real life training that make sure we are protected from any threats or risks happened by terrorists. Threats can be like "not limited to":



From head gasket to tailpipe, we’ve got you covered. We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you on the road.

Our team consist of selective expert engineers who they formed and complement with academic professors to secure our research and solutions reach maximum client satisfactions and needs. 





Continuously looking for any security flaws or potential threats to the security of the homeland and inventing smart solutions can be prevent or protect from that threat.

We always do: 

predict – Prevent – Protect​



Sabber Systems is a Saudi company founded in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh city. Sabber Systems Company is group of leading engineers and consultants whom they are allocating their knowledge and experience to provide best security solutions for their Client in Saudi Arabia.​​


Sabber Systems